Monday, September 24, 2012

East Bluff

With Katie out nursing a shoulder/back injury Aaron and I took the opportunity to have a nice little "Man Date" up at the lake on Sunday.  The weather couldn't have been better with sun everywhere and highs in the upper 50's.

We started our way up through the East Bluff North talus field with the new area by Sunny and 60's being our goal.  We stopped along the way to look at a couple of potential pits(all yours Dobbe) and plodded our way up the field.  About halfway up Aaron found a cool slab that baked nicely in the sun and we set our stuff down to warm up.

It turned out to be a great little boulder with 4 distinct lines on it, all weighing in at the hefty grade of V0.  We played around there for a bit taking turns on all the lines and enjoying the day.

After some fun on the slab we made our way up to the boulder just above Sunny and 60's.  In all we spent maybe 2 hours fixing the landing for two potential problems on this really cool boulder.  Once it was to our liking we worked out the easier of the two lines and we each did "The Little Roof That Could" which weighed in around V3.

Screen grab from video of The Little Roof That Could

I repeated it for video and we each ran a couple laps on it to warm up again.  As soon as we were done with that we tried the project that goes up and right off of the same cluster of start holds.  After some failed beta attempts we figured out a sequence that looks rather possible, unlike most of the projects I seem to find.  It should be about 5-7 moves long and I'm guessing it could be around V9 or so??  Not really sure.

In the end I could be totally wrong and it could be impossible.  History has shown I'm not the best judge of whether a project is possible or not!!

Katie's starting to feel a bit better and hopefully we'll be able to get out and enjoy some fall weather this weekend!  Anyone else get out?

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  1. Got out to Castle Rock with Satermo on Sunday. That place is pretty cool. Tomorrow headed to Cochise! Woohoo! C$