Monday, September 17, 2012

Dry Fired

Dry Fire - The practice of firing a firearm without ammunition.  That is, to pull the trigger and allow the hammer or striker to drop on an empty chamber.

Anyone who has bouldered at Devil's Lake has experienced the Dry Fire.  That fleeting feeling of being completely, 100% secure right before you find yourself unexpectedly falling to the crash pads.  

It's a truly beautiful thing.  

I could write volumes about the beauty and the sheer violence of a good dry fire.  The immediate pain, reactions of bystanders and complete surprise of it all creates something unique and unexpectedly powerful.  

Instead of writing words that can't equal the act, I'm going to just let you watch this video.  I want to thank everyone in the video mainly because it was a joy to spend time with you.  The process of making this video took much longer than I expected but I think the final outcome exceeded even my expectations.  

I honestly can't count the number of times someone came up to me and asked when the dry fire video was going to be done.   I couldn't even begin to think of how many times I saw the opening clip of Aaron on Tunder Tighs.

What I can say with complete confidence is that the enjoyment of going home after a long day of climbing and plugging in a 4 second clip to the video was always more entertaining than it probably should've been.

Above all else though, this video has encompassed more than just the dry fire.  If there's ever been something that has expressed my love for climbing, it's this video.  It's the random stupidity of someone tripping, or throwing a fit, taking an awkward fall or almost falling out of a tree.  The ability to laugh at oneself is essential to living a happy life, and I really hope everyone in this video can do that.

So with that said, sit down, turn up your volume and enjoy the new video, Dry Fired.


  1. I dry fired so bad last week that I got blood blisters on three of my fingers.

  2. YES!!!!!!11

    Excellent video!!!!


  3. Tony, what'd you dry fire off of??? I still think my worst was the one off of the Beautiful Soup crimp. That was horrible.

  4. I think the most painful part of that video is watching Brian do that drop-knee toe-hook business on Fat Pants....I didn't think bodies bent that way!

  5. Especially painful considering that it didn't work! But somehow I could bend like that with no problem and then explode my ankle 6 weeks later standing up on a routine foothold.

  6. It was the crux crimp of Angle Of The Dangle