Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This past weekend was a weekend of failing, flailing and falling. Except for Ian. He did some new moves linking into Shaking Hands With God at Burma.

First Chri$ failed on Bulbous, coming incredibly close in the process though.

Then Chri$ hurt his hand on Rubik's Cubicle. Thanks Tony. We're blaming this on you since you put that thing up.

Then Katie and I flailed on the El Parasol project.

On Sunday I went up and watched Esser do the first move of El Parasol and come close on the third. He tooted the first time he stuck the first move though so that was pretty funny.

Then after Chris and Sarah left I went up and failed on some stupid arete by the Tilted Boulder.

Once it started raining I ran down the hill to the Cheddarmilker and failed some more.

And that's about it I think! John and Paul did some new/old stuff over on the east bluff but other than that I'm not sure who else got out. The weather looks grim for this weekend but hopefully it turns out ok. Here's a couple pictures.

Katie and Chri$ at Bulbous

Katie on El Parasol

Chris, breaking holds


  1. Parasol looks fuuuun. I wanna try!

  2. wow...steve i love how you take the most flattering pictures of me. So touching...

    ps...i like the differentiating with the $, GENIUS!

  3. Good weekend! Hand seems a little better, no problem doing pullups, just not sure it will be ready for crimping in the next couple days. We'll see. C$