Friday, April 13, 2012


When Remo and I were driving back to the lake a couple weeks ago we went through and came up with some benchmarks for the lake. I thought it was actually pretty cool to think about and wanted to post it here at some point. I'd be curious to hear what others think of it too.

V0 - Super Slab

V1 - Tall Boy

V2 - Big Bud

V3 - Slope Of Dadaism

V4 - Flatiron, Smooth Operator, Double Elephant

V5 - Wrestling the Bear, The Hipsters (open to suggestions on these. V5 and V1 were by far the hardest to figure out)

V6 - Starfish, Jenga

V7 - Fat Pants, Tunder Tighs, Bulbous(??)

V8 - Beautiful Soup, Sex and Chocolate With A Cherry On Top (I think we had others but can't remember right now. Remo??)

V9 - Alpine Club

V10 - Keymaker

What do you guys think? Either way, that's a damn fine list of problems to do at the lake.


  1. I think most of these are right on, especially for v4. Not sure about the hipsters at v5 though, I think that one may be a bit soft

  2. Yeah, V5 is a tough one actually. I'm open to other suggestions there. I also added Sex And Chocolate With A Cherry On Top at V8.

  3. I just think Bid Bud is hard to compare to most other V2's, (and its probably not V2 lol)

    But I must admit it pops up in my head as the #1 thing I compare to other V2's. Strange?

    Also V5 hardly exists at the lake, so maybe there are some messed up grades in V4? V4 can go from moderately difficult to super sandbagged at the lake very quickly.

  4. Like the difference in difficulty between Pillar of Contemporary Movement (which I think is easier then Slope), compared to Smooth Operator.

  5. Boulder across from Pete's Pebble?

  6. Agreed on Pete's Pebble. I think the only reason it didn't make the list was that Big Bud just dominates as the classic DL V2. Of all the grades V2, 3 and 4 were by far the easiest decisions. V1 was shockingly difficult to come up with until we thought of Tall Boy.

    As for the V4 grade, I think that turned into the catch all grade with some of the old school dudes. That's my guess as to why there aren't many V5's out there. It seems to be the widest grade at the lake.