Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fun Update

So it's not often that we get to update a bunch of stuff here but since I didn't do one earlier this week, here you go.

1 - Storm Troopers is a pretty fun little boulder problem. The right exit looks nice too. Tons of different beta on this one should allow for a lot of different options for most heights. FYI, that thing BAKES in the morning, as Katie and I found out this morning. So greasy.

2 - Jeremy did the longstanding "First Cube/Undercling Project". While only a 1 move wonder currently it's a cool problem and a worthy addition to the 500 Ft. field. Even better, he did it second try and Ian did it right after that.

I already posted the good pictures to Mountain Project so you get these...

3 - Wanted to wait till one of them posted it to Mountain Project but both Ian and Katie did Battle of the Bulge at Dodge in really impressive fashion. For those that don't know Battle is an old line from a few years back that Dobbe put up. It's only been done a handful of times and both Ian and Katie did it very quickly. I think Ian only spent a day on it and Katie spent VERY limited time on it two years ago. If I remember right she only tried it a handful of times on an extremely cold day.

Even better, she got the first Female Ascent of the rig.

That problem is damn hard and damn sharp on very small, unfriendly holds. It's a proud effort on both their parts.

4 - Katie can haul some pads.

And finally.......Thanks for this gem Peter...


  1. Let me be the first to say I predicted Katie would send V8 in 2011. So close. Battle of the Bulge is a very wierd line that either feels good or feels like shit. No in between. I am very happy to hear Katie crushed it. I am not surprised at all. So strong. ce

  2. I had tried B of the Bulge before.. maybe 2 days briefly. Tricky problem! Ian

  3. Nice job Katie!

    Also, tell Bonermicci not to poop while climbing. It mucks up the pads!

  4. Katie,

    Could you please come to CO and be a sherpa for me?

    Oh and bake cookies

    and cake

    and muffins.

    We have cute animals here!