Friday, September 2, 2011

Old Man Nuts

So I think it was Eggnuts's birthday yesterday. Dude's 40 now. Old as time itself. Yet he'll still do Sandstone Violence since it's his birthday so he wins. Fucker.

I was looking through some old comments yesterday and came across one last fall where Nic compared Eggheads balls to old, wrinkly raisins. Thought that was especially poignant today.

I'm going climbing this weekend. What is everyone doing and where you gonna be???


  1. LOL! Thanks buddy. It's Saturday actually but the wife surprised me last night and asked some folks to come out. Kinda fun.

    Saturday looks like crap. Sunday is the only day I can get out. I am torn. Would like to attempt a celebratory send of SV, but I am willing to bet my left nut that there will be tons of folks bouldering at DL, and also I hear that Dave Groth is turning 50 and a bunch of folks will be roping up and sending shit in celebration of that. Oooooohhhh so many choices.

    Getting excited about the fall.


  2. Happy Birthday Chris! I thought you would for sure go for the 40 laps on SV, or maybe 40 problems V4 or harder at the Lake. If anyone could do it, you could.:)

    I was planning on heading up to the Lake tomorrow morning, but the weather looks terrible. Have fun whoever gets out. The weather next week looks amazing!

  3. Happy Birthday Chris! I'm down for going out on Sunday anywhere that has rock to climb. Hit me up in email and we can figure something out.

  4. Katie and I will be out on sunday too. Not sure when or where but we'll be there. Runnells may be on a solo mission too. Sounds like katie and I might climb on a rope on saturday. she seems psyched on bagatelle.

    Sorry we missed your get together yesterday!! We were halfway into dinner and then remembered about it. Sucky. would have liked to have made it over there.

    Are the old man nuts shriveling up yet? heard thats what happens at 40...

  5. Ha. What nuts? I don't really need them anymore...

    Remo, I would be thrilled with a 40 point bouldering day, let alone 40 V4's!

    No problem Steve, my wife did have a bar tab for anyone who showed up though, I didn't ask her how much my loser friends racked up in Ketel One charges... (Don't want to know...)

    Katie may be competing with Dave G for time on Bagatelle, as rumor may have it. However, that in and of itself would be very cool. Sharing a rope with the Godfather and all.

    John K I will shoot you an email for sure when plans firm up for Sunday.