Monday, September 26, 2011

New Boulders

Can't write too much but I feel like we're all starting to get excited for the fall again. Katie and I talked about it a bit and we both think the East Bluff is gonna hold the next series of new areas. I was stunned at what we found just 20-30 feet below Perfect Medium and Sex and Chocolate.

On the updates front, Katie did a FA on Saturday, naming it Wrestling the Bear. Apparently that's a reference to spotting me. Chris did that after a couple tries as well and Aaron did Brototype 1.0 fairly quickly earlier in the day. As for me, I got close on Storm Troopers but had to wait for another day as energy and daylight ran out on me. Peter also epic'd his way up to Moj on Friday, calling me from the right edge of the Slant Field, completely lost. He eventually found his way up there and put it to bed very quickly, in a bout 15 minutes. Really glad you found it!!

Ian has also been busy putting up a bunch of cool looking new lines in the east bluff talus near flatiron. It's incredibly cool to see new development going on in so many different areas of the park and I'm psyched to check out the new problems on the other side of the bluff! They look fun and Katie assures me they're good.

Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Katie on Bark Biter

Sam on Bark Biter

Katie's new problem, Wrestling The Bear, on the right arete

This boulder is directly below Perfect Medium

The new roof that Chris found

This thing is actually impressive and has holds on it!

Starting about 4 moves in

This is the roof from below and behind it

Another really cool boulder directly below the roof. You can actually walk through the tunnel on the left to get into the roof.

We had a great, long day on Saturday and ended up staying well past when we thought we would and walked out in the dark.

I want to say congrats to Remo and Kate for getting married this past weekend and it goes without saying that everyone is psyched for you both!!!

Here's a little vid from Saturday.


  1. Awesome looking problems!

    Congrats to Remo! Well done.

    Side question, who made the map for the dodge comp? I have a buddy that would like a copy. Anybody have the pdf they could email to me?

  2. that'd be dobbe. let me know if you don't have his contact info and i'll get it to you.

  3. Nice post. I hope someday I am as strong as Katie. Or as good looking as the puppy. ce

  4. haha, finley just freaked our when we watched this video and he heard hinself barking. it was pretty awesome!

  5. Thanks guys, we are super pumped and had a great time!
    Now that it's over I can focus on climbing more again and these new boulders look awesome. I remember hiking down below PM and checking this area out, but this was before we all had a love for the talus;) Anyone want to meet up tomorrow or Sat. morning? I might do both. Keep up the good work gang, we are just scratching the surface.

  6. Steve,

    Finley will never be ugly . . . he will always look like a teddy bear. And it will be awesome.

    Sarah : )

  7. Uh huh.....totally sarah....He'll always be cute. Just like Katie's cat went to go live on a 'farm'.