Friday, May 20, 2011

Updates All Around

Most importantly, Martin T did Alpine Club last weekend and Brian Runnells did Tunder Tighs yesterday. While I don't know much about Martin's ascent it's obviously proud and he did it rather fast.

Runnells was proud in his own way doing Tunder solo with minimal pads and wet holds. Christ man. Good effort.

On top of both of those proud works Sarah did Moostache!! Really psyched for her to have finished that up as she'd put a number of days on the line and punted off the top enough times for it to start turning into a bit of an epic. For as much traffic as that problem has gotten this is only its second lady send and this one stands out in a season full of really impressive sends. Good work Sarah, you earned that one.

As for my shoulder, looks like I have Bursitis. Not bad. Some rest will do me good and hopefully it'll go away soon. There are bigger issues out there and my shoulder is of limited importance. I like how the world has a way of putting things in perspective just at the right time. It happened to me today and I'm thankful for it.

Alright, enough with that. On a totally different side of things there are two interesting conversations taking place right now related to climbing access/open information.

Go here and read the comments thread.

Go here and read both the post and the insane amounts of comments.

I have my own thoughts on all this and have made a strong attempt to stay out of most any forum out there. I just couldn't help myself on the first link.


  1. Bigger issues out there: you mean like those of us who didn't get raptured are now gonna get tortured and raped by the demon armies that are about to descend on us?

  2. Ignoring the giant argument about access you really do need to check out skillet creek Steve! That Brad Werntz guy mentioned in the comments he bouldered the overhang to the lip. I was afraid it was too tall, but maybe not!

  3. Hey I just found your blog. This is Martin by the way. A pretty nice read I must say. Thanks for the props.