Monday, May 9, 2011

Tunder And Litening.

For once we actually had kind of a quiet weekend at the lake. Might be a first for this season. Chris and Sarah were out on Saturday and from the sounds of it had a fine day. Even if Sarah decided to punt off the topout of MooStache. Good to know she's not leaving Sweaty unchallenged for Punt of the Month. Chris attempted to move a big boulder to no avail.

I did get a great text from him though: "Just got a 2 ton hydraulic jack :)"


Katie and I went out on Sunday and from the sounds of it Dobbe/Aaron and crew were up on ropes. We started out up by Tunder Tighs and I warmed up on Fixie while Katie played around on The Hipster. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice Fixie was and it made a fun little warmup. Katie figured out the moves on Hipster but didn't want to put too much effort into so we moved up to Tunder Tighs.

Right as we got up there Ian showed up, after having done Perfect Medium(nice job!), and lent his pad to my cause.

I quickly did the topout and figured out a damn fine method and then promptly did Tunder Tighs first try.

The quality of this problem is amazing and the holds are just too cool. Don't ignore this one. It's a gem and probably the best of the grade at the lake, no doubt. The landing is already better and once Esser and I finish it up it should be really really good.

After that we moved on to So Dope Direct so Ian could get some shots on it. Only noteworthy thing about this was the absolute bloodshed that someone(Eggy???) put on this thing. It was like someone was bleeding from every single tip. Crazy.

Shortly after that we went over to Alpine Club where Katie worked on the crux some more and Ian tried to repeat it. I will say this, I think Katie will do that problem before me. She's close. She just needs to channel someone other than Remo and slow down a bit. Really cool and particularly inspiring to see her get so strong and comfortable this season.

The ladies in general have been holding it down. Sam is close on Massive, Sarah is breaking hearts at Dog Walk and more and more girlies are getting psyched on the lake. I'll try hard to have my lady goals up this week. Sorry bout that Sarah!!

After that we went back up to Monolith to play around. Ian did most every variation on the boulder while Katie and I perfected the tree spot on Bark Biter. It was great. I totally had her.

Most notably though was the obvious onset of summer. Early symptoms included bugs, sweatyness, tourists, leaves and greasy holds. Not at all psyched about that. Not one bit.

Old man egghead also did the Amazing Pillar which is pretty cool. Apparently even got vid of it. Amazing.

Highlight of the day though was for sure seeing little Luke Keifer coming down the trail with his family. So rad. Quote of the day: "Climbing outside is hard. You can't even see the holds!"

Good day.


  1. Nice work Steve!

    I found some really cool shore bouldering on Horseshoe Island up in Door County. Steep, bullet hard limestone. Josh just needs to design a kayak friendly crash pad.:)

    Yeah Luke needs to get out more, that kid will crush the Lake.


  2. Good work on TT!

    Yeah that blood is mine on SDD. Just didn't have the sense to stop trying that night even when the battle was lost. I get a little obsessive as you know. Sorry bout that. Never been so close to doing a problem and not do it. And every time I came off the high right crimp (without sticking it) I left enough DNA to clone me like a million times. Not that anyone would want to.

    Yeah Amazing Pillar is great. If anyone wants beta the video is on vimeo, search "Bolt Clipper". I suggest waiting until fall though. ce