Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's here! Oh man. So excited to leave Madison!!! RV, Katie and I are leaving today around 4 or 5 to go down to the Chattanooga area for 10 days. After a bit of a scare the weather is looking pretty manageable. Only a couple days look like rain and we can use those as rest days.

We're going to start things at Rocktown for a couple days and then Horsepens for a day or two. We're hoping to finish up with 4 solid days at LRC.

So psyched!!

My finger has been feeling pretty good lately although it's definitely still a bit sore and tender. I feel like I'm in ok shape right now. Not great, but workable. The one thing I kinda like about this trip is that I'm going down there without any real goals. Sure there are problems I want to get on, but I don't have anything dominating me. I just want to climb a ton of problems.

I'll make an attempt to do a quick update sometime through the week but no promises. It's nice to think that when I get back it'll only be a couple more weeks until we can go up to the lake again!!

Going to be such a good season!


  1. good luck guys! crush down there. Cant wait to hear about your travels!

  2. I hope RV can top a few things out, and not punt! Ha! Have a good time guys.


  3. Kick some southern ass. Drink some southern whiskey. Regale us with tales upon your return. ce

  4. If I don't come back, it was a hate crime I tell you!