Tuesday, February 9, 2010

South Update

Well, we're up in Chattanooga right now. We had a couple of nice, albeit chilly days at Hp40. We arrived at Rocktown late on Friday night only to find the road under a solid three feet of water about a mile up the mountain. Sad.

The Fit was not go.

We drove the two hours over to Horsepens for the night after a slight wiper blade malfunction. More on that entertainment soon.

Quick update on HP 40. RV sent Bum Boy so his trip was officially complete. Katie sent Slush Puppy really fast and was pretty happy about that. She also gave some great efforts on the reachy Mulletino but couldn't release her right to the jug. I finally stopped and tried Hammerhead and was pretty pleased I flashed it. This was followed by the worst case of screaming barfies I've ever had.

I'll have pics and a wrap up soon enough.

Weather has not been our friend unfortunately. Highs of 35 and 36 the first two days produced light snow and fucking frigid conditions. We did get about a half day of perfect conditions yesterday and Katie took pretty good advantage of it. She was able to channel "The Gentleman and had a nice two hour session of straight up machince gun style attempts. I'm not sure she took more than a 5 minute break the whole time.

Tomorrow we're gonna try and find River Dance and "The Roof" at Dayton Pocket. It's looking cold but the roof might offer us some shelter. We'll see.

We stopped at Rock/Creek today, which I maintain is maybe the best specialty outdoor shop I've ever been in. Katie got a pair of Team Shoes and RV got some Velcro Muiras. I got an ear flappy beanie and lived vicariously through them.

That's about it for now. Hope all is great up in the snowy homeland!


  1. I think I just liked that there was a swear word in there... swear words are awesome!!! Good luck on the rest of your trip, can't wait for the write up and pics! I'm loosing my snowed in mind here.

  2. Sweet man, it was great seeing you guys down in HP. Hope the weather starts heating up for you guys!


  3. Attention everyone!!!!!! Eggnuts is officially a daddy.... again. Little Caleb was born yesterday. Congrats Buddy!

  4. Thanks Sweaty. Yeah the little pad-sherpa joined us yesterday, all screams and poop. He thinks he's in college-- sleeps all day and is up all night. I guess I'm the daddy, but it's not confirmed with genetic testing yet. I still have to tell my wife, something I'm not looking forward to. ce