Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekend Plans

This weekend looks amazing and I'm pumped to get out to the lake for a couple of days.  We've got a couple things on the list for Saturday but I'm curious what everyones plans are?  

Who's getting out?  Who's getting rad?  Both days look perfect, if not just a little on the warm side but it should be one of the few perfect weekends left.  

Who's in???

In the meantime here are some pictures that I never posted from the summer and fall.  Enjoy.

Trying Alpine Club at night

Loving the ferry rides

Another from inside the car on the ferry

Remo in the West Bluff Talus on the day he showed me what eventually became 'Moj'

At Beautiful Soup a couple weeks ago

Hiking out at night at DL

Sunset on the ferry


  1. Not one of the few perfect weekends left. There'll be good ones come late Nov....I hope...

  2. I will be out on Sunday! I will call you and Katie to see whats up.
    I also agree with Peter, lots of weekends left(lets hope).
    Cheers, Remo

  3. Right! Lets be optimistic!! Many more perfect weekends left!!

    Remo, give me a call sunday for sure! We'll be at north shore for sure as we're meeting some people out there to show em around. You should come out!

    How's your hand?