Friday, November 20, 2009


Oh yeah. We got a puppy. We think her name is gonna be Bandit but we're not sure. I'm also partial to Talus.

Post up here with your plans for the weekend. I'm still not sure what our plan is. Head up Saturday morning and play it from there I guess!


  1. Ohh my goodness. I love puppies. enjoy it now man cause it is really increadible how quickly they get bigger and then you're looking at their puppy pictures like WTF... We will have to have a doggy play date. Fez is very maternal and will follow him (?) around hearding her and scruffing her neck while Buttercup probably ignores him more or less.

    Devils Lake all day Saturday. Live this plan sir, live this plan!


  2. p.s. what kind of dog is The Talus Bandit?

  3. steve,
    I was wondering if there is any way to have a recent comment tracker on your home page similar to B3 at the bottom or narc on the right side? I just have to scroll a whole bunch and perhaps i could be missing some gem of a comment because it is on some older posting that I dont see if there's any new comments on it cause it was to long ago. Just curious.

  4. It's a Teddy Bear or basically a shitzhu bichon mix. Fucking adorable. And it's a she. She's already marked the house as her own. multiple times.

    And that's a great idea sweaty! I'll look around today for one and try and put one up! Thanks for the input and support. It's always appreciated! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

  5. Saturday Plan A

    1) Wake early, arrive at Lake circa 0830
    2) Warmup on Massive Vertigo
    3) Achieve great success within 30 minutes WITHOUT USING A KNEE PAD
    4) Meet up with sweatballs crew in the vicinity of Alpine Club for thorough gangbang session of nearby blocs
    5) Drink heavily to medicate finger injury

    Saturday Plan B

    1) Wake up, realize finger injury still sucks the gnar
    2) Sit on couch all day Saturday watching football
    3) Drink heavily to medicate finger injury

  6. I like Plan A the best but some small tweeks to Plan B could be done to make it better.

    1 wake up, realize finger still hurts for the 10th year in a row.
    2 take a shot
    3 cut said finger off.
    4 take a shot
    5 heal wound with heavy aplication of super glue.
    6 come to devils lake and try to climb. if you can't climb because the super glue is still drying than have a bottle of booze with you and just hang out.
    7 Drive carefully home


  7. It could always go like this to...

    1 - Wake up
    2 - Pee a little
    3 - Eat a pastry of some sort
    4 - Drive to the lake
    5 - Get rad
    6 - Poop a little
    7 - Not get hurt while trying to get rad n stuff
    8 - Find more projects
    9 - Fail on said projects
    10 - Drive home licking wounds

    Actually, that sounds a hell of a lot like my normal day at the lake.

  8. lol steve.

    as far as marking territory. did you get the dog pee cleaning/deturant spray? You use it to clean up after she pees and something about the scent makes her not want to do it there anymore. It will certainly happen a bunch. just keep bringing her out a ton.