Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rain Sucks

I shamelessly stole this picture of Aaron from the Facebook.  It's just too good to not post here.  This is Aaron at last years battle.  Can you guess which one he is???

Yep, rain sucks. This past weekend it threatened just enough to keep us away from the boulders. That along with a family event down in Milwaukee has kept us at the rock gym for the past week. Not cool.

It finally gets cold and the rain comes in. I just don't get it. Why now?

It looks like I might finally get out this coming Thursday with Remo, Dobbe and Gabe but we'll see as the weather channel is saying 40% chance of rain. Hopefully it holds off and we have some good conditions. I know that all three of them are gunning for Perfect Medium and I think they've all got a shot now that it's a bit cooler out. We'll see how it plays out I guess.

I'd also love to head over to the West Bluff and get on some of the projects out there. The Power Plant roof looks really good and I'm curious what the projects up by Moj will turn out to be like. Either way I just want to get out on real rock. I'm getting tired of the gym when conditions should be so good!

This weekend looks absolutely perfect and I can't wait to get out in such good conditions.

I do want to note a couple of things below:

1 - Rhoads is insisting that he's convinced Remo to give up bouldering and start climbing solely on a rope(possibly a slight exaggeration on my part). Either way, Remo, I will kidnap you and only bring you out to go bouldering and to spot from here on out. No joke. You have projects to send son!

Remo early in the summer on Perfect Medium

2 - I will be getting rad next week with a masked man. Maybe, just maybe, he'll put his feet above his head at some point during the day.

The masked man, bloodied and beaten

And Finally...

October 17th


Governor Dodge

There Will Be A Battle Of Unprecedented Size And Amazement


We really need to get a bunch of people out there. All the warlords will be out there with the foam swords and tin foil shields. I just can't even describe how fantastic this stuff is.

So, who's in?? We can't miss it.  Plus, maybe there will be punch and cookies afterwards!!

That is all my friendly minions! Also congrats to Nic and sweaty for ticking off some of their projects. Nic's getting strong 'n stuff.


  1. Yes many projects indeed! Just too many, and they are split between routes and boulders. But boulders are always the priority.
    Thursday is looking iffy, but I am keeping a positive outlook.
    Oh, and my guess is that Aaron is the middle one!

  2. That's what I like to hear Remo!! Priorities!!!

    Thursday morning is looking okish right now. I'm guessing it'll be fine.