Monday, February 16, 2009

Teaching the world how to be totally radical

My name is Steve and I'm a blogger...

Turns out that the first post is a hard one(that's what she said). I have no idea what this is going to turn into, but both Katie and I thought it'd be fun to share pics and stories from our trips. It'll also have some up to date info on our upcoming wedding(!!!!!!!) and our lives in general. Thoughts and opinions on anything and everything.

For the most part, though, it'll hopefully serve as a forum for me to teach everyone out there how to be totally rad. How to get sicky gnar gnar on all of your projects and maybe even get some tips on how to tick your sick pink/red proj on the steep wall of cave 2. Out of all the blogs I read I didn't see anything that encompassed the true "Bro" essence of climbing.

Hopefully this will fill that void. So sit down, grab a Red Bull(cause sometimes you just gotta ride the bull), and get ready to get totally sicky gnar gnar.......brah.

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