Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Injuries suck. Plain and simple. Katie was both lucky and unlucky last night. It was our first night back in the gym after going to Chattanooga for 5 days and we were just cooling down at the end of the night. Katie climbed near the top of one of our warm ups and then just jumped off. Sadly she hit the corner of one of the pads underneath her and turned her ankle.

In the morning Katie went to a doctor to get it X-Rayed and turns out that it was a really bad sprain. Hopefully she'll be climbing again soon. We're looking at about 2 weeks right now and maybe having her on a rope instead of bouldering. Luckily she avoided the boot of doom, but she'll be walking around with a softball sized ankle for a while. Thankfully, though, she avoided any broken bones.

A couple things hit me as I wrote this though. First, I've been really lucky in terms of injuries with climbing. With only one major injury in almost a decade of climbing I have very little to complain about on the injury front. Katie has been climbing a fair number of years less than me but seems to already have a broken bone and a pretty serious sprain added to her list.

One of the unluckiest souls that I know when it comes to injuries though is Brian. I'm not sure I've met someone who's had more injuries than him and he always seems to come back really strong. His wife seems to have fallen into the "injured by association" trap and has had the Boot of Doom twice in the last couple of years.

It's hard to be rad when you can't walk, so no more injuries are allowed this year. We've maxed out our quota already and I have way too many climbs on the tick list to get injured.


  1. I don't think this is a good thing for me to be known by, but I accept the facts of my situation.

    On a related note, I re-re-injured my finger last Tuesday and am back on the injured reserve! Not good considering my new pair of Projects are coming soon and I want to try them out!

  2. AHHH! How bad is it?? That is so so sad! How long do you think you'll be out? Hopefully we'll still be able to work some stuff at the lake this spring. It just makes things worse that the Projects are on the way.

  3. Not sure. It has been festering since October which is why I have been barely climbing since the end of the fall outdoor season.

    I had a great day climbing at Flagstaff in Boulder on our trip but apparently didn't let my fingers recover enough from the crimps. Did a bit of gym climbing Tuesday and now it is painful to the touch...still. It's super frustrating to have been taking it easy all this time to let it heal only to have it get worse just in time for the upcoming outdoor season.

    T-minus 3 weeks until I am supposed to be in Rocktown but I am thinking about not climbing that trip so that I can be healthy for the trip to Joe's in April but it is hard to figure out what to do.

  4. That really sucks. I really hope it starts to feel better soon. I was looking forward to climbing with you again.

    I'd agree that you should hold off until joe's, which really sucks! But it might work. At least rocktown won't have too many crimps if you do decide to climb. Both of those areas will have comfier grips than Flagstaff, I'm sure.

    Keep me up to date on this as spring comes along!!!

  5. the weird part is that slopers have always made my finger injuries feel worse while crimps don't.

  6. maybe you should buddy tape your finger and not be a Sally! I mean shit dude your body is worse then mine.... which should be mentioned since I've stepped up my training I have a constant amount of ice on my shoulders and left elbow.... getting old sucks huh?

  7. Oh snap!!

    Any way about it, climbing season is coming up fast. So no injuries allowed you two. That goes for Katie as well. I know she's stalking around here.

  8. i'm just going to go trad climbing all spring...

  9. eww gross... i dont get posting on sites like this where i have to give a url or something. I'm using climbingnarc as my url... I just hired myself narc. hope you dont mind! also to be noted I think I'm getting some people to hit up so ill towrd the end of march like 20th to 23rd or something like that... u all should come