Monday, February 23, 2009

LRC, Tennessee Thing

On our first day, Katie and I were running around like little kids looking at all the rock when we found a cool little roof with a couple of problems on it. One was directly under the roof and looked awkward and weird, so we passed on that one. The other, though, looked kinda cool and we figured we'd put some work in on it one of the other days we were there.

We came back the second day with Katie feeling less sick and both of us wanting to try it. I gave it a good flash go and fell going to the jug. After trying the move once or twice I was able to link through from the start and then got promptly shut down on the top out. After thrutching my way up the top out I took a quick break and put it all together. Felt good to do and I was pretty happy with myself.

Katie started working on it and pretty quickly put most of the moves together. After about an hour or so she had all the moves dialed except for the topout. I should also add that she did most of the moves static on the send. Much much smarter than yours truly, it seems.

We came back on our last day to try it again. It was early in the morning and the holds felt great. To be totally honest, neither of us were sure if Katie was going to be able to work out the moves on the mantle. She proved us wrong and actually did the mantle in one or two goes. After a quick adjustment with her right hand she sent it and looked completely solid! Such a good way to end the trip! Her tips were done and she wasn't going to have many more goes left if she didn't get it there.

I should also note that this was her first V7 and while we all know that numbers suck, it's still fun to see progression and to have these "firsts". I couldn't be happier for Katie and I love seeing her work out beta. It's so much fun to see someone go all out on a project and actually get it. So much of our time climbing is spent sitting on a dinky little pad in frustration. Its nice to see it all come together.

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