Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Vid

Katie and I had another stellar weekend at the lake.  Temps were super cold on Saturday but conditions were great over on What Up Weasel.  Aaron and I punted rather hard after having done the crux move but hopefully it'll go somewhat soon.

Sunday was spent on the 'fruit problems' over by group leader.  Nothing hard other than the one mover, but don't worry guys, I figured out tall beta for that one and can lock the move off almost static to an inch below the hold.  Awesome.  I feel like Katie on every single problem she's ever tried.

The other three problems are fun, if not a bit sharp, but it's a great spot to warm up and gets morning sun which was a nice bonus.  Peaches and Low Hanging Fruit were my favorites of the four problems there.

Took a bunch of pictures that I'll post up tomorrow but in the meantime here's the Fall video!!!

Fall from Steve Schultz on Vimeo.


  1. Man I am itching to get out now. Thanks buddy. C$

  2. I love the "Low Hanging Fruit" name. Nice!

  3. Peaches looks like a lot of fun! I climbed on rock yesterday too. you should see my skin after climbing 2 problems... not good.