Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Gotta say, I didn't write pretty much all summer and I don't think I missed a whole lot of what went on at the lake.  It was so hot out that it was probably the worst summer to be a climber at the lake.  Now that things are cooling off a bit it seems that more people are getting out.

Just last week both Sam and Blake were able to wrap up Magnum PI and the week prior Kevin Baker did it as well.  Magnum is still one of my favorites on the Dog Walk boulder so it's nice to see it get some traffic.

I'd tried magnum, without success, a couple months before Dobbe and crew were able to figure it out.  I was extremely dismissive of the line and continually talked about how contrived and terrible it was/would be.  I like to think that I was just mad I couldn't do the problem!  I'm very glad that I was wrong on that one.

Ian has also done a number of nice looking lines up on the east bluff.  From what I can tell the area lies just past the Horse Ramparts Bouldering and his line 'Don't F With The Bees' looks like a really fun addition.  Looking forward to trying it once it gets cool enough that the bees aren't a problem!

Here's to hoping for another good fall season!

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