Monday, August 20, 2012

North Shore - East Bluff Talus

Learned some stuff this weekend.

1 - Chris and Sarah had a great wedding and it was extremely fun to be a part of it.

2 - Riding in a stretch Escalade down Willy Street is an extremely enjoyable experience and I highly recommend it to everyone.  Some of the glares we got were incredible.

3 - I don't know how to tie a necktie, at all. (updated with the picture of the tie that I tried to tie.  This was my 10th attempt or so and was leaps and bounds better than any of my other attempts...)

4 - Remo is a sandbagger.  His problem Sunny and 60's is absolutely incredible and stands alone as one of the top problems in the park, regardless of grade.  The holds are great, super comfy, the movement is engaging and the last move is exciting, but totally safe.  All of this over a fairly nice landing.

Jeremy on Sunny and 60's

Jeremy looking terrified spotting Aaron on Sunny and 60's

5 - Dobbe really, really likes problems that start in a hole.  He grabbed everyone and showed us a potential line just down from Diamond in the Rough.  It full on climbed out of a hole but the moves were fun and actually really unique.  Aaron was able to snag the FA and Dobbe, Katie and myself followed close after.

The boulder itself is incredibly unique and starts on quartzite but actually finishes on some sandstone, using one of the most incredible jugs I've ever touched at the lake.  Aaron called it "Party Hole" and it should weigh in around V4 or so.

Aaron at the start of Party Hole

Party Hole, go directly up from where Aaron is.

The incredible jug at the top.

Dobbe looking at his other new line, You Only Fall Once

6 - There's an incredible amount of rock up by Sunny and 60's and I'm very excited to go back.  Katie put up a short but cool V3 up there that she named 80 and Rainy.  Jeremy finished it up soon after as well.
80 and Rainy starts on the left side of the face, just above the roof
Another large, impressive boulder that needs lots of landing work

On the boulder with 80 and Rainy there should be a number of other short problems and even a little roof climb or two.  Again, many boulders need to be moved and landings need some work but once cleaned up it should be a very good area.

7 - Remo posted a picture a while ago that didn't gain much interest but after seeing it up close and dubbing it the 'Cra Cra Project' I can say with confidence that once the landing is fixed up it should be very cool and very proud.  It's simple, about 3 moves, but steep and singular line out of an impressive overhang.  Excited to try it eventually.

The Cra Cra project

8 - Aaron is awesome.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend.


  1. Perfect name, Katie. And yes. Sunny and 60's is absolutely classic. Perhaps another good candidate for your previous list of "Standard for the grade" ??

  2. Good post Steve, psyched you guys got up to that area. I've been talking Sunny and 60's up for awhile, so I'm glad you liked it! Definitely some potential for more lines up there. As you said, landings need some love.

    Also, Congrats Chris and Sarah! What a beautiful day to get married.

    That is all,


  3. I want to make babies with Aaron.

  4. Congrats Chris and Sarah!

    Looks like a great day at the boulders and that project looks super neat!

  5. Definitely a great candidate for a standard of V4. And I remember you talking it up but man, you undersold it.

    RV, everyone wants to make babies with Aaron. Adam, Aaron, Jake and I all had a man date without you last night. It was amazing. We're thinking of starting up Monday Manday.