Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Katie just posted a picture on bookface of a forest fire on the West Bluff.  Texted back and forth with her for a bit and it sounds like it's "long and skinny" and that it could be pretty bad.  Really hoping that it doesn't get out of hand but I can only imagine that fighting a fire in the talus would be well beyond heinous.

If anyone finds anymore info or knows anything please post it up.


  1. We were up there climbing on the West Rampart, and firefighters came up from the top and ran down the trail to the cottages. They were also ferrying people across the lake for easier access. I thought at first it was coming from one of the cottages, but when I asked later, they said it was just off the trail. I assume someone tossed a cigarette. Steve, were you or Katie up there yesterday. I was going to leave a note on your car, but didn't have any paper. Nice day other than the smoke.

  2. http://host.madison.com/ct/news/local/crime_and_courts/wildfire-burns-acres-of-devils-lake-state-park/article_1410b066-dbd3-11e1-8bcf-0019bb2963f4.html

  3. Yeah, Katie was up there with a couple of other people bouldering on the West Bluff. Sounded like Ian texted her at some point from the East Bluff letting her know there was a fire. Kinda funny.

    Curious if there's any extensive damage or not.

  4. I hope jenga done burnt up! Ha! C$