Thursday, July 19, 2012

Action Park

Scorpion's Tail

Back on the Fourth of July a group of us went up to Noah's Ark for the day. It was 105 out that day. It was amazing.

First ride of the day though was the Scorpions Tail. Aaron kept telling us about how awesome it is. How you get in a tube, they lock you in, do a three second count down and then the floor drops out.

It was terrifying and fantastic but oddly like taking a good whipper. In the back of your mind though you know you're not actually going to get hurt. Who gets hurt at a water park anyways??

Aside from Katie coming quite close to not making it around the loop we all made it through fine and had a nice time.

Fast forward to last week at a local tradeshow and I was hanging out with a coworker and a former coworker, talking about water park rides. I started talking about how badass Scorpion's Tail was and we watched a couple videos.

Dan and I kept talking but Pete got all quiet and started looking something up on his laptop. After a few minutes he smiled and turned his laptop towards us, showing us this:

How fucked up is that???? This was an actual ride at a place called Action Park in New Jersey. It was one of the first waterparks in the US and the park as a whole resulted in at least 7 deaths, if not more.

It's worth a Google and ten minutes of your time.

Anyone actually been climbing??


  1. Damn, that slide is fucked up! Who would want to get stuck in that? Katie would make it through. I've been trad climbing, and loving it! I may give up bouldering.;)

  2. No climbing, but lots of fishing, tubing, swimming, and roasting marshmallows. Hope everyone else is surviving this awful heat! C$

  3. Katie, I almost didn't make it around the loop either!

  4. Awesome! That water slide is part of the finishing line for my half iron distance race on Aug. 12th.... Sooo psyched!