Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So I tried to get an injury update from Esser but he never wrote me back.  I hope he's ok.

During my Man Date with Aaron we took the time to practice up on our Shuffleboard and we ended up having an incredibly close, well played game.  It came down to the last throws and could have gone either way.  It seems we may have practiced too well.

On Saturday night Katie and I met up with Chris, Sarah and a handful of other people.  Unfortunately once the Shuffleboard table came available Chris made the poor decision to play against Blake and I.  While the match was close for the first couple of rounds Blake and I quickly pulled away to a commanding, and surely painful lead.

Lacking the general manners to hold back, the game quickly got out of hand.

Yes, you're reading that correctly.  48-10.  In the end, we won in convincing fashion with a final score of 51-10.  While I don't know the extent of Chris's injuries I think it's safe to say that a bruised ego, a shock loaded confidence and a torn sense of self worth are just the beginning.  Get better soon buddy.


On a happier note, I got a new grill last night.  Sadly, it's bling fell off in the packaging.  Josh told me I should make a belt buckle out of it, which I think is a fantastic idea.

Katie and I had to get a new grill after ours was taken from it's winter locale by P-Wall at Boulders.  I actually feel kinda bad for the person that took it since it was in pretty terrible shape.  The lid attachment was tenuous at best and was only held on by a thread or two since the screws it came with were too short.  My  friend Pete said the whole deal would be less funny when the grill was returned to us with a hospital bill.

So thanks to whoever took it!!  I got a way better grill out of the deal!  Aside from the bling that is.........

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