Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Injury Free In '93

I'd like to take a moment to thank a couple people upon this monumental occasion.  First, I'd like to thank Chri$ for taking one for the team early on this fine April and getting injured on Bulbous.  It was your sacrifice that made me fight so hard to complete this arduous goal of mine.

Second, I'd like to thank Brian Runnells for stepping up to the plate as the final hour rose and the danger level hit its apex.  Knowing that injury was all but inevitable as I passed through the gym doors late last night, his busted up ankle gave me optimal confidence that the Gods of Injury were smiling down on me.

Third, I'd like to thank our dog Moose, for choosing me over Katie when it comes to being the favorite parent.  I know it's tough when 22 of the other 23 pets in the house have already chosen her, but your vote of confidence and undying love meant a lot to me.

Now that I've made it through April injury free I fully expect to get smote down in May.  Bring it.


  1. Haha glad to help out Steve! I can't complain, it's been a really long time since I had an injury (at least, one that prevented me from climbing at what I might consider my limit.) C$

  2. Yeah, how is the hand doing???? I feel like we've been emailing a ton but i haven't asked!!!

  3. Not great, Probably a little better but still pretty sore making a fist, and can't crank. Yet. :) Gotta get out again soon Steve. This weather is bumming me out though. I do finally have all the parts for putting the Rumbler back together, final couple parts came in the mail today. Woohoo! Back to terrorizing the neighborhood soon. C$