Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Climb X

For as much as I don't like Mad Rock shoes, this made me happy:

Santa Fe Springs, CA November 29, 2011: To avoid the trouble and costs of a long trial, Nelson Sports and Climb X have reached an agreement. As with any settlement, comprises were made, but prior untrue statements of the Defendants, for the most part have been exposed and the public can now understand that Climb X and its products were never affiliated in any way with Mad Rock or Nelson Sports. To cover the highlights of the agreement, both parties have agreed to the following terms:

- Defendants Garland, Climb X Gear, and Climb X have paid a total sum of $150,000 as a Settlement Payment.
- Defendants are prohibited from using Nelson’s Trade Marks.
- Defendants are prohibited from representing in any manner or by any method
Whatsoever that Climb X products are sponsored, approved, authorized by
Nelson/Mad Rock
- Defendants are prohibited from representing in any manner that Defendants are in any way affiliated, owned, or owned by, Nelson/Mad Rock.
- Defendants shall implement changes in advertisement and future print media regarding product names that have been copied.
- Both parties agree not to disparage the other party.
- Defendants must publish for 6 months, under the heading “About Us” on the Climb X website the following:

A) Garland was never an officer, shareholder or director of Nelson Sports
B) Climb X, a Nevada Corporation, nor Climb X Gear, LLC has never been affiliated in any way to Nelson or Mad Rock
C) Young Chu was the primary designer of the products
D) Garland has never been to the “Mad Rock” factory and has no knowledge of any problems relating to the factory.
E) No “Climb X” branded product won any awards prior to Jan, 2010.

We are still in the process of working with our legal team to update the “About Us” page on the Climb X website. Please be aware that these prohibitions and restrictions are only for products, advertisements, etc. in the United States of America. Be on alert for advertisers and distributors that do not adhere to these restrictions outside the United States.


  1. Proving crime doesn't pay...

  2. now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

  3. You're the bestest sweaty. For real.

  4. When I was growing up every morning before going to school I would get to watch GI Joe while eating my breakfast. Some things stick with you :-)

  5. perhaps that is my submitted motto for the month. a little nostalgia.

  6. That settlement just doesn't seem like that much money for intellectual property theft and deceit. But what do I know. Nuthin. ce

  7. Boom. Motto reborn.

    As for the settlement, I can't imagine that they sold anywhere near that much merchandise, at wholesale. I agree that it isn't much in the grand scheme of things but for a relative start up like Climb X, I'm sure it's a good chunk.

    I know that in the year or two since they started up I've only seen one person wearing them. Even better is that I'm pretty sure that they bought them from Nick after he was sent a pair. At least I think that's how the story goes.

    I have a vile hatred for VERY few companies in the industry. Climb X is one of them.

  8. Steve, you are a 'Real American Hero'

  9. sweaty your my hero for throwing a ztrip comment into a discussion on mad rock climbing shoes baha