Sunday, July 17, 2011

NIC O WILL NEVER CLIMB 8B!!!!!!! ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOMB.COM!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie and I went to Nic's wedding yesterday. Molly didn't even stand him up. Congrats dude.

I learned a few things though.

1 - Nic will never climb 8B. He's gonna pop out a fleet of kids within the a year(I'm predicting triplets) and he'll be done climbing. I'm guessing he'll pick up professional putt putt golf instead.

2 - Nic gets ripped on ALL THE TIME. Seriously. Every speech was focused on his downfalls. Molly's sister even called him "The older brother I never really wanted". Awesome.

3 - Josh wiped his mouth with his tie and didn't even know it. So good.

4 - Kelly is the nicest person ever. Even when she's being mean.

5 - It was so hot out that Josh had to change shirts between the ceremony and the reception.

6 - Nic tried to off Kelly and Katie. We're sure of it. There were Almonds in everything and dishes of peanuts all over the place.

7 - The Koreans LOVE my videos. Who knew??

8 - We got pulled over on the way back home and somehow Katie got out of it. I think she racked up some sort of record and got 5 warnings. 5! Speeding, burned out taillight, burned out headlight, no proof of insurance and expired tags. Insane. Who gets 5 warnings?!?

9 - Kelly grabbed both of Katie's boobs. Hot.

10 - My Bursitis is now known as 'Bitchitis".

11 - Josh actually eats these when I give them to him. Who knew??

Seriously though, it was a really nice wedding and I'm happy for both of them. Molly will be really good for Nic. Also it was good catching up with Jeff, Kelly, Josh, Liz and the whole Minnie crew. Apparently their summer has been hellish up there.


  1. i heard it was like 107 up there today or something?! crazy!

    Fucking hot here too. not that hot.

    Also, congrats Nic! Happy for you buddy!

  2. yeah dude, it's really grossly hot out. heat index of 110 today in madison. ugh.

  3. I got up to reading about boobies grabbing boobies and couldn't proceed. Had to go lie down to cool off.

    P.S. This whole post should have been in CAPS

  4. So basically I talked a lot of shit,grabbed some boobs, and nearly died. Sounds about right.

  5. I am guessing that on Sunday in 95F heat, that Cave Traverse did not go down for Katie.

    Congrats nic. ce

  6. Steve, are you going to give "Midwest Unknown" a review? We would all love to hear it.:)

  7. Especially about the dreamy guy climbing Super Slab. And that hot chick climbing Jump for Joy. :) ce