Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Ill

65 comments guys. Well done. Apparently you guys like to talk about booze. Makes sense really.

Following one of the busiest, most stressful two weeks I've experienced I'm leaving town. Katie and I decided last night to take thursday and friday off this week and go to So Ill. We're going to be making the trek with Chris Esser(Gunther Von Ponch as he's now known) and Sarah. I can't wait. Sadly the timing doesn't work out as well for RV as he gets back to madison today and won't be able to make it.

Don't worry, we'll make it down again this spring.

My finger has been feeling progressively stronger and I was able to try hard a bit last night. Slowly but surely. It feels so good to be back.

On a lighter note Aaron 'the gentleman' Kaetterhenry thought that I was taking a month off because of the blood blisters I got when I dry fired off of Massive Vertigo. Silly Aaron.

I'm super excited to just get out and do some easy problems down there. It's supposed to be perfect weather and I intend on taking a bunch of pictures. Should be a great way to start the season. The radness will commence once more!!!

So for everyone you was giving me crap last week.....suck it...suck it long...suck it hard.

45 and sunny bitches.


  1. Gunther Von Ponch. LOL. Jealous. ce

  2. im so jealous about So Ill. I would be there as well but I have an engagement party to attend. bummer. Send and take video

  3. Pschaw, SoIll blows. Satermo, RV, Adam (of the non-remo kind), and I had a total sendtrain at Boulders this afternoon. OK, everyone else sent shit and I punted, but it was cool to watch. My son sent rope 27 too. Rang the bell. It was rad. Bet you wish you were there. ce

  4. ur right. sounds exciting. sad i missed it.

  5. If Remo was there I totally would have went

  6. that trip update better be coming today. or else.

  7. Yeah what up steve. I've refreshed your site like 50 times already since 8am. ce