Friday, July 10, 2009

A Return to the Perfect Medium

I've got a couple posts that I've wanted to put up for a while now but that'll have to wait till next week or so. We have more pressing cases of radness to go over right now. I've been too busy/lazy/tired to post our update on Strongmen Also Cry but I'll have it up soon. Nic yelled at me last night to update the awesomeness here since he's bored. So, here you go.

Nic, Remo, RV, Katie and I left the ORA tradeshow in Madison at about 5:30 last night and booked it up to Devil's Lake to get in a quick session at the Monolith Boulders. We all wanted to get Nic on Perfect Medium and both Remo and RV needed to finish it off. I'd also been interested in trying to repeat it in preparation for the Birthday Challenge of next year.

We got up to the warm up area and actually warmed up! This was a welcome change from jumping on the project of the day and just warming up on that.

Nic on his new V1 testpiece. It's waiting for you...

After watching Nic get about as rad as could be on some random V1 in a pit, we walked around the corner and stacked the pads for Perfect Medium. Remo gave it a couple quick goes and kept on coming off the sloper. Turns out 70 and humid isn't the best for that hold. RV came off at the same spot and we waited for Nic to hop on for his flash attempt. He grabbed the crimp, set the foot, hit the sloper and.............punt. Off he came and everyone got back to the bidness of trying to simply do the problem.

I came down from my perch after a few more minutes and taped my tips and booted up. It actually felt good to get on the problem again. The high foot and left crimp felt better than I remembered but the sloper felt like pure shit. Slimy and gross didn't make for the best chances. Take off another 30 degrees and I think all of us would have sent.

On the bright side, we did get some cool pictures. Maybe if I get bored enough today I'll update on our trek out to Strong Men.

Nic's valve caps

On the ferry

Remo and Nic taping up and RV staring at me.

Remo, trying hard

Sticking the first move with ease

Nic standing on the Organic Brushing Table of Death

RV gettin' after it

As soon as the temps drop below 50 RV is going on a rampage at Monolith

Nic on one of his later efforts. Close...


  1. Hey Brian, not to make things worse or anything but I have seen the "Blue Shoes"........and they are the max.

  2. Another day of zero topouts for Mr. Robinson. And talking about rampaging at the monolith: I might not be in Madison this year when the temps drop! If I end up going home I am just gonna get weaker.

  3. Some evening or early morning next week Weds or Thurs? Next weekend? Gotta get back on this problem. Nice post. ce

  4. i need this 'strong men' climb update stat. Interested in how you guys liked it, did u do it, etc. very slacking sir! bad form.

    Also, I heard you roomed with a gentlemen (last year i believe) I work for by the name of Scott Sutten out of Colorado who also reps Jet Boil. small world but it does not excuse you from the blog teases.


  5. I think we're planning on another day up at monolith this coming saturday but I'm not sure. Also, Katie and RV may be heading up on thursday morning.

    Hah! Sweaty, i actually saw Scott a couple weeks back at Jetboil out in NH. Nice guy. What do you do for him? And yes, i have been slacking lately. I'll try to step it up a notch or twelve.

  6. Keep me posted on Saturday. I might go Thursday morning too but gotta be at work by 8:30 (in Baraboo) so it will be pretty early. Def interested in Saturday though. ce

  7. I'm the Midwest Green Grocery rep for Sigg bottles and Teko socks for Scott... I knew you were out there too and thats what instegated me to ask if he knew you. for sure a good dude.