Thursday, July 16, 2009


On Sunday the three of us made the trip up to the lake again to try and finish off Venus Rising. After the hike up I gave it one go without a warm up and quickly limped my way over to Shawn's Slab to climb a couple things first.

While I was topping out I heard Katie yelling at RV for a couple seconds and then the tell tale silence after a fall. Apparently RV hiked his foot way the hell up and was centimeters from doing the problem again! As we found out through the rest of the night RV gave his best go right away. Sad. He should do it next time, but he always seems to find new ways to surprise me.

Katie gave it some more goes and ended up finding a weird toe cam for the first couple of moves. We were all pretty tired though and were climbing somewhat half heartedly.

After a bit we packed up and hiked over to Sex and Chocolate. I'd split the top of my finger somehow during the previous day and it only took one go before I knew it wasn't going to happen that night. RV also gave two or three goes and we packed up and headed back to the car in the dark.

While it was fun to get out again it was still a little demoralizing considering how tired we all were. My flash was being difficult so I didn't take too many pictures. Here are a few from the day before though!

It looks like we're gonna head up to Anchorpoint later on this afternoon. I'll try to take a bunch of pictures!

Gives some perspective to the climb.  The direct is a project still.

Katie looking strong on the first move

Chris, right before he sent

Sorry RV, I had to...

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  1. Great post Steve!!! Delerium Tremens eh? Have to check it out. ce