Friday, March 16, 2012


It is with great pleasure that I get to announce that merely one month after our Birthday Challenge party I am finally at a point where I feel like I have our beer inventory under control. Earlier this afternoon I was able to take the last, lonely four pack of beer and put it into the chilling depths of our fridge.

Now that I'm no longer burdened with the stress of how much beer we have both inside, and outside of the fridge (at one point we had 40 bottles inside and 44 outside), I really feel like I can focus on dispatching the last 40 (yes....40) bottles of beer that now sit inside of our fridge.

Mind you, this is ignoring the half case of PBR tall boys that Aaron abandoned at our house. Those will end up at someone else's house.

You guys suck.

Remo, what'd you rock climb yesterday?? What's everyone rock climbing this weekend??? Katie getting to Vegas today so I'm flying solo. Who's climbing?????


  1. Two things - 1) please stash those PBRs in a cooler near fat panst
    2) We might be out tomorrow, however given the forecast we might be laying on the lake to stay cool

  2. Let me know where you end up going. I'm sure I'll be up there, at the very least to explore a bit and fix up some landings.

    Supposed to get cooler next week. Lets hope...

  3. Ha! I brought those PBRs over from Aarons and left them at your house. Originally Rhoads and I bought them for the Super Bowl and left them at Aarons, so good!
    Yeah I was out trying Storm Troopers and Public Enemy. Conditions were far from perfect, but fun regardless. I'm becoming a bit obsessed with PE. The moves are so good!
    Was out yesterday with Rhoads and Mike's mix. I'm getting the moves on Bagatelle down. The first 10ft is the only thing giving me any trouble. Anyone have really good beta for it? I need to pull up the Chri$ Eggert beta map. Rhoads also had a nice lead of New Light Waves. That route is really fun and perfect for the boulderer.
    Have fun this weekend everyone,